Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Warm Embrace

1 Shawl To Warm Them All

Yesterday I pieced together the finished panels of my first shawl! I was so excited, but realized the importance of checking your gauge! The shawl turned out massive, spanning just over 90 inches wide and 36 inches long. The purples turned out very nice in my opinion and hope someone thinks the same and wishes to add it to their wardrobe collection. To see it you can scroll to the bottom of the blog and check out the thumbnail of the shawl, as well as the other items in my shop. OR you can go directly to my shop at to see it first hand.

Needle In a Hay Stack

It was hard finding shops to showcase this evening. Not because there were a lack of beautiful shawls, but people miss-tag their items. The first page alone I was bombarded by shrugs and necklaces! Out of the 33 items only a small handful were actual shawls. After about a half hour scrolling through page after page of lovely shawls, and other items mixed in, I narrowed down my list of top 3 for today's Etsy Picks!


Tonight we're going to start out not with a shawl but a shawl pattern showcased through NoTwoSnowflakes by Karen Walker. You can visit her Etsy shop heirloomlace and be amazed at the detail and work she puts into each of her items. Just owning one of these works would be the crown jewel in anyone's closet. To have the skill to knit this shawl is completely awe inspiring.


With 22 gorgeous knits, several of them shawls, it was hard to choose just one. DagnyKnit's Violet Mist Shawl represents elegance to a tee. This lightweight lace shawl will add more than a touch of class to any evening wear and sure to turn heads as they admire the lovely work of art you proudly wear.


What could be better than a shawl that will be compliment after compliment? Free shipping of course! That is what reflectionbyds is offering when you purchase this crocheted mesh shawl adorned with a crocheted flower motif trim. This ivory shawl, she also offers custom orders if you would like a different color, would make a perfect gift for the girl in your life with an eye for fashionable knit wear.

In Closing

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these creations by our fellow Etsians. I know I can't get enough. You can look through the site a hundred times throughout your day, every day, and always find something new and interesting. I salute you Etsy creators!

Happy Crafting!

Oh! And I decided to get a twitter account. For up to date tweets about my crafting, know exactly when I post a new blog, or if I find a special find on Etsy that I just have to share!