Monday, July 12, 2010

Did you miss me?

Catching Up

Long time, no see! Sorry about the long delay between posts. A little bit of drama has had my mind a bit distracted. After a LONG weekend out of town I feel rested and ready to share!

So, what have I been up to, you ask? Simply this: CROCHETING! (Okay... So I HAVE been doing a spot of knitting. I found a new pattern that I will share with you in a moment. But I only spent one night before giving it up, but we'll get to that in a moment!)

I made a scarf, my first time learning to do a diamond mesh pattern. I think it turned out nice, the yarn was nice and thick. I don't have pictures right now since my camera is still in town. And I made a star for the Hubby. He picked out this bright, multi-colored rainbow yarn because he said that it reminded him of Skittles. I think the yarn was hideous, but as long as he is happy. I did pick up a few small balls for myself. One that I am kind of disappointed in. In the skein it looked really pretty, like colors of a daisy. The dark yellow center, white petals and then a light yellow/pale green (I can't really tell. Looks different in different lights.) I started making a star and it looked horrible... Kind of like a scrambled egg. Yuck. The second ball is a very light tan, a blush pink, and a deep green color. Looks cute, can't wait to try it. And finally the last ball I just couldn't resist. The colors look washed out, but they look very cute together. Blue, green, pink, orange. I don't know what I am going to do with it, but it was on sale and that is all that matters.

Well, what to do with the ugly yellow yarn? Simple, pretend that I know what I am doing and try to make my own slipper sock pattern! After sitting there and tracing my foot, measuring my foot, making a ton of swatches to test gauge... and even though it was consistent after I started the pattern and measured it a few times it seemed to get larger than the beginning. But no worries because I am going row by row changing things as I go. I'll get pictures and share the pattern if they work out! Pictures even if they don't turn out. Though with how things are going I think the one ball won't make a pair, I may be lucky if it makes one slipper sock.

And the knitting, you still insist on pestering me about? Why, I found this awesome butterfly lace picture pattern. 41 stitches by 42 rows. The pattern is originally a dishcloth but I figure it I make several of these blocks, plus solid blocks in either the same or complementary colors, I can put together my first blanket! This is the link to the Papillon Butterfly Cloth. You scroll down and she gives the link to a .pdf with the instructions. I found that she doctored the instructions to make them easier for her to understand (Extra letters in abbreviations to remind her what they mean, ...'s between groups of stitches to help separate them and make them easier to see without losing her place.) but they made it hard for me to read so I had to retype them out.

I sat there all excited with my new pattern and got down to business. Things are going smooth and every few rows I count my stitches just to make sure everything is where it should be. About an hour and a half into the pattern, row 24 of 42, I'm missing a stitch... I stare at the half finished block trying to spot my mistake. I can't see it. Okay, I'll just remove a row and count the stitches until I undo what it is I did and go back to work. Sounds like a great plan. Until I sneeze... And drop my work... And panic picking them up, yup, several stitches came off the needle and unraveled. Grumbling under my breath I rolled my yarn back into the ball, slid my bamboo needles into it so I wouldn't lose them, and sat them aside to go to the Etsy forums to vent and talk a little to get my mind off of it. (They were a big help with the distractions in the ETC forum. They are a hoot!) I'll try again later.

And now to the part of the blog you've all been waiting for! My Etsy shop picks of the week! Or post... Hmm... I should really figure out how often I want to post. Any ideas?

Okay, so a while back ago I was on a MAJOR Buffy the Vampire Slayer kick. Over the course of a couple nights I watched seasons 1-3 and a couple episodes from 4. Well, I was flipping through the channels and what should be on? So I decided to search Etsy and there were several Buffy related items! I was tickled pink. And here are my 5 favorite Buffy inspired items!

Oh my good golly gosh! I want this bag SOOOO bad. TiLTcreations blood red messenger bag with a hand embroidered Buffy B and Mister Pointy (A stake belonging from another slayer who was, unfortunately, slayed.) It's simple and awesome a the same time. Would make an awesome laptop carrying case. PLUS! She's a fellow Michigander. ^_^

Out of the many paintings in the shop, natejohnsondesign has a wide range of Buffy characters sure to include anyone's favorite. It was VERY hard to choose just one painting to use here in my blog, but I knew that Mayor Wilkins was the way to go. The water color painting captures that self-assured smug look that always seemed to be on the Mayor's face when he thought about his ascension and having the ultimate power that came along with it. If I had to pick, I would most definitely have to choose this painting to proudly display inside my home.

Love that Buffy B? Love necklace pendants made out of Scrabble tiles? Then you'll love this one! 1CraftyBee has elegantly designed this pendant with a Bold Buffy B (Say that 3 times fast!) and a nice crystal accent to make it pop! Comes with a length of ribbon so it's ready to wear upon arrival!

This one gave me a giggle. Now don't get me wrong, people are allowed to like what they want and in my case I can't stand Twilight. (No, I haven't read the books. No I haven't seen the movies. No I don't have any interest whatsoever in changing that.) I've always been a vampire fan and the author of Twilight obviously... well, let's just say I don't believe they've ever read or watched anything with a REAL vampire in it. ButtonBetties must agree since this pin is in their shop! It simply reads, "...And Then Buffy Slayed Edward." Wear it proudly and watch all the teenie-boppers cry after reading it... Man, I'm mean.

Okay, so this item isn't actually anything Buffy related other than the name. When searching Etsy with the keyword "Buffy" this yarn from JunoFirbreArts came up and I couldn't resist. Gorgeous pinks and browns mingle together in this 4-ply fingering weight Superwash Bluefaced Leicester. All the cute things I could make with it... I should wrap this up before I get caught up in my yarn day dreams.

Birthday Funds

As always, you are more than welcome to stop on in to my shop at and take a peek. Right now for the month of July all US shipping is free. And all money raised from sales between now and September will be going towards my son's 2nd birthday party. My goal is to sell $50 worth of products. That will cover the gift he wants (Buzz Lightyear toy Laptop) and supplies to make cupcakes for friends and family who come to celebrate with us. All sales will come complete with a thank you card written by me and original artwork in either crayon and/or colored pencil by him.


  1. Thankyou so much for featuring me on your blog. I really appreciate it!
    I'm a vampire geek twilight though ;-)
    asti x

  2. Thanks for the Buffy love :) and the intro to other great finds :)