Friday, July 16, 2010

Short and Sweet

Going to share a short post with you, folks. Mainly because I really want to work on this scarf pattern.

I have scrapped the slipper sock project. Just for right now. I barely got half way done with the first one when I ran out of yarn so it's going to go on the back burner. I thought I could get away with using another yarn I had, but turns out it was every so slightly thinner than the yellow stuff and threw my pattern WAY off. I don't know if I want to sit and redo everything with a new guage and work with the black and white yarn I have a TON of (more than enough to make two slipper socks and have a lot left over to make a few more pair maybe) or wait until I am able to get more of the yellow stuff and just work on the pattern I've already started... I haven't decided yet.

The butterfly blocks are giving me a little more trouble than I had anticipated. I spent 2 hours on it yesterday night and I went to inspect my work after reaching the half way point in my first block and I noticed that a good 7 or 8 rows down one of the holes outlining the wing wasn't in the right spot and made that particular wing look obviously wrong. Hubby says I just need to take a day or two away from it and try again. Keep my chin up and I'll get it right. ^_^

Plus I have found that after working with 9" bamboo needles on several of my projects as of late going back to my long metal ones is kind of awkward. So I'm going to kind of shake up a scarf pattern by using different sized needles than what the yarn suggests. Moving up a size (it calls for a six which is what is being used in my butterfly blocks.) and see how it changes the look of the pattern. If it's not a good change then I'm just going to have to get used to my long ones again. Or look to see if I have another pair of short 6's.

The Elusive First Sale

As you may know I have yet to make a sale. Do not shed a tear for me, instead visit my shop and buy something. Or stop by one of these lovely shops that have posted in a thread I started on Etsy to help shops without sales!

eatpraycreate's shop has lovely hand crafted and decorated blank cards for any occasion. Want to say Hello? There's a card for that. Want to say Congratulations? There's a card for that. Want to spread peace, love and joy? You guessed it! There's a card for that, too! Please feel free to stop on by and take a look. These cards are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

NoKitschProject's shop has a wide selection of two types of jewelry at the moment. The first portion of the shop shows lovely polymer clay pendants with seashells arranged in a decorative flower pattern. The remainder of the shop shares hand sewn cross stitch earrings. Patterns and colors galore! Sure to fit into anyone's wardrobe.

diiptadezigns is another shop that offers jewelry. Necklaces, earrings and LOTS of color! There are several pieces that I would LOVE to be able to just snag through the screen and put on right away. Quartz, glass beads, pearls and more! From elegant to fun the choice is hard to make to pick just one favorite!

AngryDaddySalsa offers home grown, home made, vegan friendly salsa! Worried about what goes into your food? Don't be with this all natural, garden fresh goodness. All items are grown in their garden, items not grown personally by them is grown by a neighboring farm. Pesticide free! Don't let those cute little angry peppers scare you off, try a jar today!

KPTography has a grand selection of floral photography prints made into note cards and post cards. Tulips, daffodils, lilies and more. You're sure to find the perfect flower to share your message with friends and family. Don't have a reason to send a card? You don't need one! Just say hello, let people know you're thinking of them, or frame it and bring both color and beauty to any room in your home!

Closing Statements

As always thank you for stopping in and checking out my blog, my shop and the wonderful Etsians that I have to share with you. If you do make a purchase from one of these shops please share with them that you found them through me. I'm sure it will make their day.

Promoting My Shop!

You can visit my shop at MajikalFairy to view my items. Remember for the month of July all shipping within the US is free and all funds raised between now and September will go towards my son's 2nd birthday party. Each purchase between now and then will come with a hand crafted, personalized thank you card with artwork by my son to show our appreciation.


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